In your firm, you may often find yourself running to the printer last minute, or going back and forth between your printer and your desk. Or, you might be sitting in a conference with a client and wish you had something printed in hard copy. Running between cases or from the courtroom, wishing you could print documents on the run?

Don’t overlook mobile print. We can’t emphasize enough how this seemingly small add on can really make a difference in your law firm and streamlining the way lawyers work today.

Mobile print gets your documents where you need them, and into the hands of the people that need to see them. It isn’t hard, and it doesn’t require hours of advance preparation. That’s why it’s right for today’s firms – it’s instant, and it’s mobile.

Take Advantage of your Sharp Multifunction Printer

Using all the features of your Sharp multifunction printer means that you use mobile print at your law firm, just one of the features that makes this device the top office printer available.

Why mobile print? If you haven’t already considered it, here’s what we hear from other law firms who are customers of Copylink.

Benefits of Mobile for Law Firms

  • Easy to operate on the go, use your mobile device to print everything you need and pick it up from the machine.
  • Use the features your printer was made for and take advantage of modern technology that can make your workplace run smoother.
  • Save time, money, and clients without missing important documents or leaving to print items all the time.
  • Help employees be more productive with mobile print.

Mobile Print for Law Firms with Copylink

Your Sharp multifunction printer is here to work for you – make the most of your investment by using mobile print. Talk to your team at Copylink today.