It’s easy to overlook office equipment when you evaluate everything that needs to be kept up and upgraded. But – don’t make the mistake of letting your devices age out. When you have equipment that is too old, it becomes more costly and less efficient.

Also, additional features can boost your business as you grow. Keep an eye on new print updates that can give you time and money back. Read on to recognize three key ways it’s probably time to consider an upgrade.

Printer Upgrades

Printer upgrades come around for many reasons. Maybe your printer is old, maybe your business is growing or your employees are busier than ever. It’s also possible that your machine is outdated, requiring a lot of service calls, or there are other efficiency issues.

Don’t let your office equipment put you behind – it should be helping you stay ahead! When you see that there are a few of the issues below, contact your trusted vendor partner to learn how easy it is to reevaluate your device, do some research, and move forward.

1. Repair Calls

An occasional call for service is nothing new, especially if your office has heavy use. But, when employees can’t get work done, timelines are impacted, and projects are moved, those are much bigger issues. Time to address the problem by taking a look at your machine.

2. Losing Money

Is your print environment costs more than ever before? Does it seem to not match up with increased output or increased business? It could just be a printer issue, such as overuse of toner, inefficient supply use (like paper), or another problem (too many service calls, as stated above) that are driving print costs up. This is why you track print costs first of all, but also why it’s good to always ask the questions about changing costs.

3. Decreased Productivity

If you notice that employees are frustrated with devices, there are security issues, or people aren’t able to create materials for marketing, meetings, or other events, take a look at the root of the problem. Don’t overlook the chance that lost productivity can be based in equipment issues.

Your Next Sharp Multifunction Printer is Ready

Get in touch for your next device – even if you just have questions about new features, or how getting a new printer can be an investment that saves you money. We’re happy to help – talk to us at CopyLink.