Managed Print Services is an effective tool for reducing costs, improving efficiency, and eliminating print-related bottlenecks and distractions. As with any service, however, the benefits may be limited if the service provider doesn’t understand your organizational needs.

If you’re a business leader looking into Managed Print Services, consider the following observations to help you choose the right provider for your company.

The critical assessment period is the first step.

An experienced Managed Print Services provider understands the importance of the initial analysis of your print environment. They’ll conduct a comprehensive assessment to call out areas where suggested improvements can make the most difference. They’ll provide your team with a detailed plan of action for streamlining your print-related workflows and reducing costs.

Look for a scalable solution.

Buying into a new service isn’t without its risks, and a measured approach is understandable. A Managed Print Services provider who understands this will provide a solution that gives your team time to adjust. They’ll provide the training required for organization-wide adoption, and they’ll offer solutions to help you plan for growth. The best MPS providers also go beyond print management, offering Document Management and other solutions to eliminate your process-related bottlenecks.

Can they address print security issues?

Are your printers and multifunction systems the weak link in your network? Are documents abandoned in print trays putting your confidential information at risk? A Managed Print Services assessment should cover any print security vulnerabilities within your infrastructure, providing solutions like pull printing, data encryption, hard drive overwrite and user authentications to make sure your devices and the data they store and distribute is well protected from cyber attacks.

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