Printers and copiers are an essential part of your business operations, so you wouldn’t just buy one from anyone. If you’re going to make a big investment, you would research what you’re getting, what you need, how it’s supported, and who you’re buying from.

When buying a printer or copier, it’s important to match the machine to your business and needs, since it can impact your workflow and operations.

In addition to learning about the machine, we suggest taking some extra time to really dig into the service agreements and what kind of support is offered by your selected vendor partner.

Copier and Printer Certified Technicians are the Difference

Getting the kind of service you need depends on two things:

  1. The company you work with
  2. The level of certification for technicians.

At CopyLink, our copier and printer certified technicians are fully trained and available to handle your needs. With quick responses and professional expertise, any problem will be solved efficiently.

Why is this part of the buying process? Because machines break down, and having a reliable support crew is critical to providing the operations you require.

How to Research Maintenance

Here are some things to consider as you are browsing vendor partners and deciding who to work with. Research maintenance means researching:

  1. Available service options before you need them
  2. Requirements and expectations for service technicians
  3. The best support, maintenance, and repair agreements for your business size and needs.

The Service You Need

CopyLink has the service, and the solid products, to get you everything you need in a printer, mfp, or other office device. Get in touch with CopyLink to see how we can help your business grow.