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Technology That Improves Workflow

San Diego Copiers

When you Start With Why, you begin to see that business processes depend on technology to run smoothly. Improving your processes allows you to focus on delivering excellence as you fulfill your company's mission.

Once we understand your business goals and challenges, we use this to help improve your workflow. Whether you are upgrading to new multifunction systems or implementing a full document management solution, these technologies can be used to improve your business processes.

What are your core business processes?

Your business has a set of business processes that form the core of what you do. For example, what happens from the time one of your customers places an order until that item is fulfilled, billed and you get paid? If you are a law firm, you might identify the steps from the time a lawsuit is filed until it settles in or out of court. If you are a medical clinic, what happens from the time someone makes an appointment until you get paid?  

Where are the bottlenecks?

Most processes have places where work comes to a grinding halt. Similar to a traffic jam on the freeway, bottlenecks in your business processes drain your productivity, increasing your costs and decreasing the experience your customers have with your company. We look for areas where your business processes slow down.

How could technology be applied to streamline your processes?

When bottlenecks are identified we can help you look for ways to improve the process with technology. Since documents drive the flow of information through most processes, Copy Link is uniquely positioned to deliver custom solution that you improve your business.

Once the solution is implemented, we take it to the next level by delivering fanatical support.