Education needs tech advancements consistently to keep up with new teaching styles and engage students whose learning style may change as well.

Just like with any office team meeting, adding an Aquos whiteboard to your classroom or collaboration center can make a big difference in how students hear and absorb information.

Go Paperless

Presentation boards take away the awkward writing on large paper boards and make meetings and classes more interesting, so they involve the audience.

Going paperless means no waste from presentation materials or handouts, but you can still save information electronically to email or distribute electronically in your digital workspace.

Options We Recommend

The interactive Aquos whiteboard stands out with features like remote viewing and wireless connectivity from any mobile device. Aquos whiteboard systems make collaboration easier when users can participate in a presentation to add notes and edits in real time.

Your students will benefit from this engaging presentation system and the digital benefits from an interactive whiteboard (post notes online, email follow up questions with the info, or pass it on for another teacher’s class).

Make Your Life Easier

At Copy Link, we know that making an upgrade feels like a significant expense and can be a little stressful. It’s crucial to keep your classroom updated and to consistently learn new technology for integrating advanced learning techniques and connecting with students.

We have all the data to help you make the decision that will best serve your organization. Call or email today to move ahead in your presentations – we’re happy to help.